Homebase Skateshop Video Archive

A catalog of all our Homebase shop videos & projects we've supported from 2002-2019.


City Without Spots | 1999 - 2002

Filmed & edited by Andrew Po

 The first skate video made of the Lehigh Valley skate community.  Filmed between the years 1999 - 2002.  It premiered on February 15th of 2002 to hundreds of viewers, with local bands play & an art show at the Icehouse Theater. 

Featuring Andy Mack, Steve Hencheck, Josh Novak, James Gleason, Matt Kayes, Ray Gurz, Jay Sigafoos, Jim German, Dave Hill, Phil Chadbourn, Blake Whormann, Jared Whormann, Dave Schwartz, Chris Adamchik, Dustin Martinez, Eric Potts & many others from the Lehigh Valley.


 Kill the Filmer | 2002 - 2003

Filmed & edited by Andrew Po

This is the first Homebase Skateshop video even though we called it a promo video.  Fun Fact: The first trick in this video was filmed the day after City Without Spots premiered.

Featuring Eric Potts, Dustin Martinez, Josh Novak, Andy Colbert, Dave Hill, James Gleason, Matt Kayes, Joe Lanega, Ray Gurz, Dustin Martinez, Eddie Klapak, Wes Buck and many others from the Lehigh Valley.


 PA Grey | 2003 - 2005

Filmed & edited by Andrew Po

This is the video that had three different premieres.  By the time it came out out on DVD over a year later there were a lot of new tricks added into the final product.  We also introduced a lot of the new shop groms like Andy V, Nik Stain & Kyle Dalrympal with this.  Fun fact: I still have a box of unopened PA Grey DVDs somewhere in storage.

Featuring Josh Novak, Andy Colbert, Dustin Martinez, Mike Emery, Dave Hill, James Gleason, Phil Chadbourn, Ray Gurz, Matt Kayes, Jack Kroemer, Travis Wolfe, Wes Buck, Nik Stain, Kyle Dalrympal, Dave Kuder, Andy Vasquez, Dan Pensyl, Gary Hilegas & Luke Koch's debut part plus many others.


 No Place Like Home | 2006 - 2008

Filmed & edited by Andrew Po & Nik Stain. 

A lot of new changes to the line up as some people moved away from the Lehigh Valley and kids were growing into new rippers.  We were starting to travel more for our videos with more trips to NYC, Philly, Texas and even California for this one.  Also some of the best footage ever filmed of Rob Marich- rest easy. Fun Fact: Before Nik Stain was your favorite skater's favorite skater, he was a damn good filmer.  He was still at Freedom High School when we were making this.  To get it done I would be editing at his house until 2am on school nights- his mom was bummed.

Featuring Luke Koch, Kyle Dalympal, Mike Emery, Wes Buck, Andy Vasquez, Jimmy Larsen, Alex Duke, Ray Gurz, Ty Resenwitz, Theo Korkidas, Dave Kuder, Cody Burke, Dan Pensyl, Jay Sigafoos, Andy Mack, Steve Hencheck, Rob Marich, Chris Meade, Robert Lim, Jason Wakuzawa & many others.


 Where the Heart Is | 2008 - 2010

Filmed & edited by Nik Stain

Fully filmed and edited by Nik Stain as he was transitioning into living in Philly.  We were introduced to some up-and-coming East Coast rippers like the Gesko Brothers, Tom Asta and Ishod Wair while also getting re-introduced to local legends like Gary Hilegas.  Max Zahradnik put together an edit of a 3 month trip to Barcelona a bunch of us went on.  This really felt like a pivotal time for us.

Featuring so many people now. . .



Edited by Andrew Po & Matt Andersen

Filmed by Matt Andersen, Matt Pepe, Matt Roberge, Trip Brown, Tombo Colabraro, Jake Todd, Max Zahradnik, Andy Vasquez, Ray Gurz & Andrew Po

The concept for this video was to be more focused on inclusion over how "good" a trick was filmed.  We were constantly hitting people up asking them to submit footage whether it was filmed with a VX, HB or i-Phone.  We ended up with a video from skaters from all over the Tri-State area and this was also our introduction to a skater named John Shanahan.


 J3T | 2015

Filmed & Edited by Matt Roberge

Featuring Jake Baldini, James Juckett, Theo Korkidas & John Shanahan


Lowkey | 2017

Filmed & edited by Matt Pepe

Featuring Ben Taylor, Brandon Sandtt, Joey Rodriguez, Luis Castro, Mike DeAngelis, Will Gomez, Brian O'Dwyer and friends.

LV | 2019

Filmed & edited by Matt Pepe and Mike DeAngelis

Featuring Gilbel Bentancourt, Mike DeAngelis, Julio Diaz, Dmitri Cobb, Izzy Gonzalez, Eric Elliot, Jibril Perry, Joel Miller, Jake Reppert, Matt Pepe, Joey Rodriguez and friends.