A Night With The Homies

We set off the month of February with a massive event that most of the Lehigh Valley had no idea about.  IF YOU KNEW, YOU KNEW.

On February 4th we took over the Alternative Gallery in Allentown with the help R4H, Guardin & Sewerperson for A Night With The Homies.  It's hard to explain it all in one blog post but I think Sewer said it best:

"It's about love, its about friendship, it's about having a great time and that's what we did here tonight." 

Photo by: Quintin Fernandez

A Night With The Homies was truly spent with the homies.

It was a real pleasure for the show to sell out weeks in advance. But the real treat was being able to meet and interact with all of the homies that came in from out of town. After meeting so many of you, it was amazing to hear how far you traveled. Some of you came from as far as Ohio, Virginia, Idaho and a couple even flew in from Arizona. 

Photo by: Brandon Davis 

Photo by: Quintin Fernandez

Huge Shout-out to the entire ANWTH team that made this happen!

Thank you to Brandon and the entire Alternative Gallery staff for hosting us.

Thank you to Rugged Imperfections and Tristan and Genesis for providing the raffle prizes, live tufting demonstration and caricatures.

Thank you to the entire HB/2BV staff for holding it down.

Thank you to Sewerperson and Guardin for joining us for A Night With The Homies.

Finally, thank you to Reservedforhell for putting this all together. When's the next one?


A Night With The Homies Limited Edition Deck: Just a few left in stock! You can find them HERE


A Night With The Homies Photo Booth photos: Find yours HERE

Photo Booth photos by: Rowan O'Hara


A Night With The Homies Artwork by: @noodles.s


A Night With The Homies Event Photos: Find them here:

Video and Event photos by: Quintin Fernandez

Additional Photos By: Brandon Davis