February was a BUSY Month

  • Skate Shop Day '23

    For our last event of the month, we were so thankful to be able to celebrate the 4th annual Skate Shop Day with so many of you from our community....
  • Dilla Day 2023

    Dilla Day is an annual worldwide celebration the life of J Dilla and the impact he had on generations of musicians, artists and for us, skateboarders. This year, we celebrated with our neighbors, The Tastesmokers BBQ to get together with good music, good food and good friends to share how Dilla impacted our lives and beyond.
  • A Night With The Homies

    On February 4th we took over the Alternative Gallery in Allentown with the help R4H, Guardin & Sewerperson for A Night With The Homies.  It's hard to explain it all in one blog post but I think Sewer said it best:

    "It's about love, its about friendship, it's about having a great time and that's what we did here tonight."