The Spring Swap Sale

Do you have an old skateboard laying around? Do you need a new board for the Spring? Donate your old board to us and we can help you turn something old into something new with The Spring Swap Sale.

In return for your old complete or components, we'll give you deals as low as select boards starting at $15 and shoes starting at just $25.

The Spring Swap sale will be running until the end of March.


We need donations of used but useable:

  • Complete skateboards
  • Decks 
  • Trucks (set of 2)
  • Wheels (set of 4)


Swap a used complete skateboard donation for:

  • A limited selection of decks for $15
  • Select Clearance Shoes for $25
  • $10 Off any full price deck or shoe purchase


Swap decks, set of trucks or wheels for:

  • A limited selection of decks for $45
  • Select Clearance Shoes for $40
  • $5 off any full price deck or shoe purchase

* Decks discount price does not include griptape

**All discounts are in-store only while supplies last

*** One discount per person, per donation, no matter how many items are donated

Why Do We Need Your Used Skateboards?

As the weather warms up, we'll be taking on more and more Push Ahead classes. For those who don't know, Push Ahead is our after school skateboarding class. We partner with local elementary/middle schools to teach kids how to Be Safe, Be Cool & Be Themselves through the lens of skateboarding.

Your donations will be used to assemble boards to give out to our students so they can continue skateboarding even after classes are over. Your old decks, trucks and wheels collecting dust in the garage could be the skateboard that helps a kid fall in love with skateboarding.


It's because of all of you that we can help the next generation push ahead, together.