The BIG Trade-Back

We hired local used car salesman and ex-skateboarder, Roddy Richards to help us promote our BIG Trade-Back this month where you can trade-in used (but useable) skateboard parts for discounts up to 50% Off at Homebase on new shoes, apparel & decks too.

Now over to Roddy. . . 

The BIG Trade-Back Details

Just in case you couldn’t understand Roddy’s accent . . . or was that the whiskey . . . here’s what you need to know.

We need donations of used but useable:

  • Complete skateboards
  • Decks 
  • Trucks
  • Wheels + Bearings
  • Helmets, Knee and/or Elbow Pads

For each donation of the products listed, we can offer you one of the following Back-to-School discounts at Homebase:

  • 50% Off Sale Section Footwear & Apparel
  • 25% Off Select Complete Skateboards
  • $15 Off Sale Section Decks
  • 10% Off All Other Footwear, Apparel & Decks

*Discounts are only available in-store.

Select items may be excluded from these sale offers so please consult with our staff when you come in if you have any other questions.

Why Do We Need Your Used Skateboards?

We want to assemble as many complete skateboards for kids who may not have the means to buy their own board.

As we get closer to opening of the new Jordan Skatepark in Allentown, our goal is give out as many free used skateboards to kids at the Grand Opening event being planned for the Fall.

Your old decks, trucks and wheels collecting dust in the garage could be the skateboard that helps a less fortunate kid fall in love with skateboarding.

Plus you get discounts at Homebase so it’s a win-win.


Look out for more information about the grand opening of Jordan Skatepark & trade in your used skateboard parts any time this month.  If you’re lucky, Roddy will be waiting for you.


Thank you to “Roddy Richards” played by Todd Juknevic & our filmer/photographer Quintin Fernandez for making this possible.