Skate Shop Day 2021

What is Skate Shop Day?

Skate Shop Day, like Record Store Day and Comic Book Store Day, is the day that the skateboard community celebrates our cultural hubs, the foundations of every skate scene, the places that bring skaters together and act as the glue for skateboarding as a whole. Go Skateboarding Day is meant to get skaters OUT skating. Skate Shop Day is meant to get skaters IN to the shops to show love to the unsung heros that do so much for skating the other 364 days of the year. We support skateshops every day but we celebrate them on February 19th. 

Why February 19th?

Most of the world outside of California has actual winters and February is, historically one of the deadest months for many of the skate shops that battle snowy weather. Skaters and skate shops are always looking for a reason to come together. We wanted to create a reason for skaters to hit the shops in the dead of winter and, “We got a letter from the government the other day, I opened and read it. It said…” President’s Day never made sense for skaters or skate shops to celebrate. So we started our own thing. Christmas 2 we like to call it. Or Skate Christmas. 

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What is Homebase Doing for Skate Shop Day?

Since the whole point of this day is to SUPPORT your local skateshop, there won’t be any sales (aside from deals we’re already running).

  • But there will be some amazing giveaways with purchases thanks to the Skate Shop Day industry supporters like Real Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, Vans & Russell Athletic.
  • And we will be releasing a limited edition HB collaboration with Mark Gonzalez.  
  • Not to mention some surprise drops for products a lot of skaters want but have a hard time finding.

Tell us more about the giveaways.

For every purchase over $10 made at Homebase610 on Skate Shop Day, customers will be entered in a raffle for a FREE SSD x Real Deck and SSD x Spitfire Formula Four Wheels.

For every full price purchase of a pair of Vans, we will give you a FREE Vans Support Your Local Skateshop T-Shirt.  While supplies last.

For every full price purchase of a pair of DC Shoes, we will give you a FREE special edition DC Shoes x Josh Kalis T-Shirt featuring the iconic LOVE Park photo by Mike Blabac interpreted by artist, Don Pendleton.

For a customer REALLY trying to support.  Any one who spends a total of $200 or more at Homebase on Skate Shop Day will get the custom Russel Athletic “Support” Sweatshirt but featuring our HB logo on the front.  While supplies last. 

Please keep in mind we will be operating our COVID-19 Safe procedures on Skate Shop Day and we appreciate your cooperation to keep us all safe:

  • Masks MUST be worn at all times.
  • No more than 5 customers inside at a time. 

Thank you for supporting Skate Shop Day & Homebase610 everyday.