The Stokes for HB Collection

Ricky Stokes is a Lehigh Valley artist, skater and the all around solid human behind our newest collection: Stokes for HB.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ricky to listen to his story. . .

A couple of years ago, Ricky dropped off a piece of his artwork at the shop as gift.  It was a traditional tattoo style Eagle painting inspired by Thrasher Magazine's first cover.

Thrasher Magazine Issue #1: Janurary 1981 original illustration by Kevin Thatcher

 Stokes for HB first draft: Winter 2022. Design by Ricky Stokes.

We are so hyped to finally share the final product with you.  Notice how we avoided saying "stoked?"  The Stokes for HB Collection is finally available for pre-order.


  • All 9 Stokes for HB pieces are now available for pre-order.
  • We will only be making these specific items and colorways once.
  • Only select pieces will be made to stock in-store in limited sizes so if you do not pre-order, it may not be available again.
  • Orders will be fulfilled on the last week of July for in-store pick up & shipping.
FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS and 10% OFF ALL PRE-ORDERS OVER $100. For free shipping use code "STOKES" at checkout.  For 10% off, just add everything to the cart and we'll take care of the rest as a thank you for supporting this collaboration. 

Shop the entire Stokes for HB Collection HERE.

A super special thank you goes out to Ricky Stokes for bringing this idea to life over the past few years. If you want to check out more of his artwork you can find him on IG at @waytwostoked.



Photos & Video by Quintin Fernandez