How to Use This Influence

I am honored to be considered one of Lehigh Valley Style's "2022 Influential Men of the Year." 

Thank you to everyone who has reached out and re-posted the LV Style article in their February issue.  The acknowledgment has been a reason to pause, be grateful to the people who support me and consider the growth we plan for in the future. 

Since 2002, the impact of Homebase has always been possible thanks to collective grassroots efforts from our supporters.  I would like to especially thank our staff, volunteers and friends who share our vision that community growth happens when you give back first.

Over time, that message has been further amplified by parents, businesses and community leaders who have see the value in building local skateparks for us to practice our passion safely.  And now, thanks to forward thinking teachers and school administrators our after-school skateboarding program, Push Ahead will be providing lessons in Allentown, Easton and Bethlehem schools this Spring.

I may have some influence but together WE ARE INFLUENTIAL.


The LV Style article touches on Homebase's history but it only begins to scratch the surface about opportunities we hope to extend to the up-and-coming generations of youth in the LV.  Our goal this year is to offer more internships and viable job opportunities to people who also value

". . . do(ing) what big businesses and dot-coms can't do, and that's make an impact in the community."


In the past 2 years, much of the world's workforce has reevaluated the worth of their time.  That has also challenged us to deconstruct the last 2 decades of operating a retail business and reconsider what we can offer our employees.  We want to focus on what motivates and empowers them.  We don't expect them to stay with us indefinitely, but we hope we can be a helpful stepping stone to better equip for their own journey echoing sentiments from a 2020 "What's Your Story" Interview with Darin Barron Jr., another LV Style Man of Influence:


If this speaks to you, please consider applying for an upcoming:

  • Photo/Video Internship
  • Multi-platform Content Creation Internship
  • Digital Design Internship
  • Fashion Design & Merchandising Internship
  • Marketing & Events Planning Internship
  • Push Ahead Skateboard School Internships

Our HB/2BV & Push Ahead internships offer you opportunities for resume building work experience on projects we are actually executing for a real time look at planning, roll out & understanding the impact your work would have in real life.  We can offer flexible hours, community-service hours and/or paid time depending on your experience or need.



Thank you again to Lehigh Valley Style Magazine, Editor-in-Chief Kristen Wagner, Art Director Taylor Van Kooten, writer Amy Unger and photographer Andrew Tomasino.  Congratulations to the other men in the article who I was honored to meet as a part of this experience:

  • Darin Barron Jr., filmmaker behind "What's Your Story"
  • Eric Leadbetter, founder of "Out in the Lehigh Valley"
  • Javier Avila, a "Pennsylvania Professor of the Year" & published author
  • William Brown, a champion of diversity and serial entrepreneurial founder


I still firmly believe I was only allowed to be a part of this article because I promised to bring Holmes to the photo shoot.  Good boy.