Celebrating 20 Years

A week has past since we were all gathered together at Jordan and it’s still hard to put into words how beautiful the event was but this quote from the late Jonas Bevacqua seems appropriate:

”If wealth is measured in love then we are the richest family in the world.” 

The 20th Anniversary Skate Jam at Jordan Park was overflowing with love.

From the care our staff put into planning it behind the scenes, the generosity of everyone who donated to Jordan Skatepark, the support our volunteers willingly gave and the huge number of skateboarders who came out to witness the premiere of Matt Pepe’s labor of love, “HB.”

20 years ago, Homebase was born after the premiere of “City Without Spots.”  It was my first local video project and it was also the first time the Lehigh Valley skate scene ever gathered together to celebrate some of its own.  There was an vibe in the air- it felt like we were witnessing something important for our community, all together.

Saturday evening at Jordan as the sun was going down and I watched everyone pouring into the handball court before Pepe hit play . . .

I felt that vibe again. 

Watch HB on the Thrasher Website HERE 

Photo: Anton Louis

HB20 Photo Booth Photos.  Find yours HERE

Photos by Rowan O’Hara.

Thank you the HB/2BV Staff, all our volunteers, our sponsors, Matt Pepe and the crew in HB & to everyone who helped us raised $1263.73 for Phase 2 of Jordan Skatepark.  

Homebase would not be here without the love and support of people like you.  

Video by Quintin Fernandez