HB20 Anniversary Skate Jam & Video Premiere

Celebrating 20 Years Serving Skateboarding in the Lehigh Valley the only way we know how on Saturday June 11th:

  • Hosting a skate jam
  • Throwing some contests
  • Premiering a new shop video
  • Raising money for a local skatepark

All thanks to the support of NB Numeric.

Everyone is welcome.

Skateboarders of all skill levels.  Our community that used to skate.  Friends who never skated but still support.  Families.  Parents. Kids.  Friends.  Dogs.


We will have three carnival-inspired games set up from 5-8pm for the community to play for a chance to win prizes from all our 20+ sponsors.  

To play, just make a donation to Jordan Skatepark’s 2nd Phase and try your luck at the games our staff & volunteers will be hosting.  

  • PUTT-A-WHEEL l A par 3 course putting a skate wheel
  • SK8 or TRY | Choose skate tricks or trivia to win
  • BAG TOSS | A bean bag toss where distance matters

The better you do at each game… THE BIGGER PRIZE YOU CAN WIN.

HB is a culmination of footage collected by Matt Pepe over the past 3 years.  Filmed throughout the Lehigh Valley, Tri-State & across the nation in HD and Hi-8 film.

Featuring  our friends Eric Elliot, Izzy Gonzalez, Dmitri Cobb, Mike DeAngelis, Jake Reppert, Joel Miller, Jeremy Plyler, Jibril Perry, Gabe Chandler, Kyle Dalrymple & many more.

Premiering at 8:30pm to close out the event.  HB will also be featured on ThrasherMagazine.com later this month too & coincide with the release of a Homebase 20th Anniversary collaboration t-shirt with Thrasher too.

We are keeping our eye on the weather so please continue to follow us on Instagram @Homebase610 for updates.  

Thank you for two decades of support.