Giving the Gift of Skateboarding

Since 2011 when have teamed up with our amazing customers to donate skateboards to families-in-need during the Holiday Season.


Thanks to your generosity we tend to have more donations than donors so we really need your help finding skateboarders & families we can help.

Do you know a skateboarder or family that can use a little Christmas Spirit this year?

  • Maybe it’s a kid you see at the skatepark with a really beat set-up.
  • Maybe it’s someone who lives in your neighborhood, goes to your school or church.
  • Maybe it’s your own brother or sister.
  • Or maybe, it’s your own son or daughter.

If you would like to nominate a skateboarder, please reach out to us with the name of the skater and a way we can contact them.

  • Stop in the shop.
  • Call us: 610-866-0540
  • DM us on Instagram: @Homebase610
  • E-Mail us:

We will be gladly keep their info and your info private.

This year, we will only accept donations for skateboards as we get nominations so again, please, please, please reach out to us if you know anyone we can serve this Holiday Season.

As we receive requests for donations, YOU CAN DONATE HERE.  If the item is “Sold Out” that just means all needs have been met   We will reactivate it as requests come in.

Due to increase in wholesale costs of skateboards, the donation per skateboard is $75 this year.

Thank you & Happy Holidays