Black Friday HB Merch Drop

New & classic Homebase SB-inspired pieces dropping on Black Friday Weekend for our in-store customers first & then remaining stock will be available online starting on Cyber Monday.

So stoked to FINALLY show all y'all this one . . . .


The Destroy Mode T-Shirt & Crew Sweatshirt

Original Gundam inspired art by our friend Deadmeat & lettering by Product by Sense Of.  25 signed & numbered "Destroy Mode" prints will also by available too.


Mummy on the Run T-Shirt

The details on this one go crazy from the coffin to the Glow-in-the-Dark ink.  Designed by Armani Canales aka Product by Sense Of.  That 90's big side-print aesthetic makes this a valid tee that can be worn with or without the Dunks.


The Initial Speed T-Shirt Returns

This one pretty much sold out in a day so we had to bring it back.  The original artwork combining the manga-look of Initial D & the characters of Speed Racer was done by Brandon Davis of Balloons and brought to life digitally by Armani Canales.  Slightly updated this time to better pay homage to the Pink Pig & Gulf 58's.


Not a week goes by that someone doesn't ask about our Chunky Dunky & Hennessy-inspired designs from 2020 so we figured we'd Black Friday Weekend would be a good time to bring them back.


The Chunky Dunky Sundae T-Shirt

Originally released with our friends at NikeSBorNothing, this is the the first t-shirts Armani Canales designed for us.  For it's second printing, we decided to put the ice cream on the front so all y'all who own this Dunk can properly flex.


The Most Civilized T-Shirt

"Why don't y'all call it the Henny Tee?"  Simple . . . we aren't trying to get sued.  "The Most Civilized" name came from an add campaign the brand ran in the 70's saying bringing a bottle of Hennessy made everything "more civilized."  Returning in the same classic colors as in 2020.


We are also debuting the 2021 Sponsored LS T-Shirt on Black Friday that will only be given out for FREE to our in-store customers who spend $100 or more with us while supplies last. 

Most pieces shown will be available in SM-3X.

Don't sleep & miss out!