Behind The Design: Outside by Danny Finocchio

More than a design, it's history. The "Outside" Collection designed by Danny Finocchio . Need more context? Keep reading and I'll take you through each local landmark within "Outside" from left to right.


Steel Force:

Steel Force opened up at Dorney Park in 1997 and has remained one of the top 10 steel coasters in the world. Standing at 200 feet, Steel Force has made the Lehigh Valley the home of the tallest, fastest & longest rollercoaster in the Northeast.

PPL Building:


Designed by Harvey Corbett and finished in 1928. Although PPL has moved out, the PPL building remains a delightful sight in the sky for the people of Allentown. Lighting up the night sky on all occasions no matter how big or small. 


Soliders & Sailors Monument:


Built in 1899 to honor the 47th PA Volunteer Regiment that served in the Civil War. Over 40,000 people showed up on dedication day to witness the unveiling and the statue remains in the city center to this day.


Bethlehem Steel:


Founded in 1857 and officially renamed the "Bethlehem Steel" in 1904. Steel from our little city was used in both World Wars and even helped build some of America's most famous landmarks like the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge.


Bethlehem Star:


The Bethlehem Star has shone on the Southside since the 30's. Nestled atop of South Mountain (Bethlehem's highest point). It can be seen from over 20 miles away. Whenever I see the Bethlehem Star, I always know I'm home.


Dixie Cup:


The Easton Dixie Cup Factory opened up in 1921 with only 78 employees and remained open until the 80's. Back then, pilots flying into the ABE would use the illuminated cup as a sign of their arrival. The Dixie Cup still stands today and remains one of Easton's staple landmarks.

Peace Candle:


Once called the "Christmas Candle", it was originally lit in 1951 to pay tribute to the Men and Women of Easton who served in our Armed Forces. Since then, it is built and lit every year to signify the start of the holiday season and breathes life into Downtown Easton.


Easton Freebridge:


Opened in 1896 at 560 feet long, the Easton Freebridge connects Easton to Phillipsburg and the "rest of the world". Tolls were charged by the Delaware Bridge company until the bridge was purchased by the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission in 1921. Hence the name "Freebridge".



The "Outside" Collection was designed by Easton Local and multi-disciplinary artist Danny Finocchio. Danny has done work for brands like Mitchell & Ness, Reebok, La Colombe & of course HB/2BV. You can check out more of Danny at

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