17th Homebase Halloween Jam

Keeping the tradition alive like an undead Mummy with the 17th Annual Homebase Halloween Jam on Sunday October 31st at Keck Skatepark . . . because where else could the Downhill Deathrace take place?

Our resident mad scientist, Josh Novak has concocted a series of ghoulish contests for you to risk life & limb in for prizes and glory starting so be sure to arrive by 1pm so you don't miss out.  Costumes aren't mandatory but it'll be a whole lot funner if you do wear one.

The Mummy Manny (1:30pm-ish)

Who can tap into the spirit of the undead & hold the longest manual without moving?  The winner will be crowned king by Balloons

Musical Madness

The evil AUX cord has paralyzed you.  You won't be able to pop a trick until it ends.  Who will be the last skater standing in this devilish Game of S.K.8.?  Only one will win the prizes donated by 12th & Market.

The Gates of Hell High Ollie

Escape your eternal fate by blasting your highest ollie out of Hell.  For the luck soul that makes it, we have DGK Deck signed by John Shanahan.

$50 Cash Best Costume Winner & 2021 Jam Photo (3pm-ish)

Homebase is putting up $50 in cold hard cash for the skater in the Best Costume followed up by our annual group photo so don't delay.

Zombie Wallie Best Trick Contest

Launch our carcass over the Lost Soul Skateboards wallie ramp with your best trick for a chance to win prizes from Roy Carnage & Co.

Escape the Grave Best Trick Contest

Land your best grind of slide over your final resting place and live forever.  Shoes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Winners will be donated by DC Shoe Co.

The Smoking Cauldron Kicker

The Witch of Keck Park needs your soul to complete her spell.  Launch over her cauldron of horrors with your BEST TRICK & one winner will take home $50 CASH from Homebase.

The Downhill Death Race (4:30pmish)

ENTER AT YOUR RISK.  Many will enter, few will survive.  Not for the faint of heart.  But one brave soul will take home $50 CASH & Spitfire Wheels courtesy of Homebase.


We will end the day with a park clean up & product toss supported by all our sponsors:

Lost Soul Skateboards


12th & Market

Pangea Jeans

DC Shoe Co


The Hundreds

Spitfire Wheels