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“Our goal was to create a convenient and minimal way to carry everything you need for an active lifestyle.  You don’t always need a large backpack and sometimes you need more then a plain strap.

No Pockets. No Problem.  The innovative design lets you wear the bag with or without gear attached.

Switch from shoulder bag to hip pack to travel bag in two quick clips.  Whether you’re heading out to skate, practicing yoga or going on a hike the Frontside Bag has your back.”


One Size Fits Most: Two sets of adjustable straps allow the bag to fit all shapes and sizes.


  • Two small outside pouches.

  • Small Velcro pouch and Small Zipper Pouch

  • Two small Mesh pockets on each side of the bag. Featuring a carabiner loop.

  • Two large back pouches. Water resistant lining in both large pouches help protect your items.

  • Features “secret” stash pocket to further secure your stuff.

  • Back padding on the bag is cushioned for a more comfortable carry


  • One Large strap on either side of the bag

  • Strap is adjustable and locks in place with added velcro to make sure bag stays tight

  • Large Buckle on adjustable side strap allows for easy removal of bag.

  • Two small adjustable straps extend from each end of large straps.

  • These small straps stay together to wear as a shoulder bag or fanny pack

    • They can individually tighten to make sure the bag fits properly

    • Each strap has a small elastic band to tuck away excess fabric

  • When separated these small straps create two individual loops you will use to hold your gear

    • Snap clips around your stuff and pull to tighten

    • Slip over your head/shoulder and your gear becomes the back piece

    • Can be work over either shoulder, make sure the Frontside Hex Logo is on the bottom of the bag