Parra Dunks: 1 of 3 Ways to Get Your Pair.

We will be offering 3 different ways to come up on a pair of Parra Dunks this August starting with a good ol' fashioned in-store raffle this weekend.

Next week we will let you know how local skaters can compete for a chance to purchase a pair of Parra's & lastly, how we'll be giving away a pair for FREE to one lucky Instagram follower.  But let's get back to the local raffle details for now...


Photos: Ashton Normand


  • The raffle will be open for entry on Saturday August 7th from 12pm until 8pm EST.
  • We are holding in-store only raffles for a chance to purchase the Nike SB "Parra" Dunk Low for $110.
  • Available sizes will be 4-12 & 13 (select sizes will have doubles).
  • Only winners will be contacted directly by e-mail after the raffle tickets are pulled & posted on Instagram on Sunday August 8th by 8pm EST
  • Customers MUST come to our shop, located at 29 West 4th St. Bethlehem, PA to enter the raffle.
  • However, we can also ship Dunks to the selected winners for an additional $25 service fee if needed.



  • Raffle tickets will be distributed ALL DAY so please be patient.
  • Being first to enter the raffle does not give you any advantage so please do not all come to the shop at 12pm when we open our doors.
  • If the door is locked, we are at capacity & will let more customers in as we can realistically serve them.  Max Capacity is 10 customers at a time.


(1) Free Raffle Ticket for any person will a valid Photo ID.

  • Valid Photo I.D. needs to have full name, an address and photo.  Does not have to current to count.
  • Minors without a valid Photo ID must be accompanied by an adult in order to enter the raffle.
  • Only the person providing the Photo ID will be allowed to enter the raffle.

Please keep it mellow.

Please be respectful to our staff and other customers.

Talk nice & we might just put you on to a surprise opportunity too. . .