Support Our Teachers, Secure SB Dunks.

Support local teachers to get additional raffle entries for chance to secure two long awaited Nike SB Dunks in our next raffle running from August 27-29th.  Please read the details carefully.

Photos: Ashton Normand

Homebase will be hosting a free raffle for a chance to purchase the Pine Green & Court Purple Nike SB Dunk Lows this weekend for the Box Price of $100.  Available sizes to enter the raffle for are 8-12, 13.

How to Enter for Free:

All customers are welcome to come in-store for (1) free raffle entry for each Dunk colorway by providing their name, email & a contact phone number during normal store hours.

Any attempts to enter more than once will result in automatic disqualification from this Dunk raffle.

Support Our Teachers:

Teaching the youth is one of the most noble professions in our country- and one of the most under paid.  Many teachers must come out of pocket to provide students with necessary supplies for their education.  Our hope is to help these teachers save their paychecks for themselves & their own families.


After polling teachers & administrators from our local school districts we have believe these are the supplies teachers can use the most needed amidst pandemic conditions.  


  • Hand Sanitizer (12oz minimum)

  • Disposable Face Masks (5 pack minimum)

  • Sanitizing Wipes (50 wipe minimum)

  • Dry Erase Markers (4 pack minimum)

  • Pencils (12 pack minimum)

  • Tissue Box (100 tissue minimum)


Customers are allowed to donate as much as they like but (4) additional raffle tickets is the maximum any (1) customer will be given.

Raffle tickets will only be issued to each person who can provide Photo ID.

And yes, a person could possibly win both Dunks.


How Winner Will Claim Their Dunks

Selected raffle winners will be contacted by (*UPDATED)  4pm on Tuesday August 31th directly by email.  Only winners will be contacted.

Once the emails go out, raffle winners will have 72 hours to purchase their Dunks per the details in the email that is sent.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at before entering the raffle.

Donations will be made into supply boxes teachers can pick up from Homebase on a first come, first served basis.  An announcement will be made on the website & social media when this will begin  

Thank you & good luck to all.