Full Parra Dunks Skate Contest Details


We do not side with those holding the opinion that “SB Dunks should only be sold to skaters.”  We appreciate all our customers regardless if they skate or not.  But for the skaters who are always commenting "Make people do a kickflip if they want to buy Dunks" . . . well, we are giving you a chance to do some kickflips for a chance to secure a pair of Dunks.

We saved some sizes of the Parra Dunks specifically for our skateboarders.

Here’s how you can use your skills to try & purchase a pair.  

(Duh, we ain’t giving these shoes away)


Parra Abstract Dunk Skate Contest Details:

Where: Keck Skatepark

When: (Rain delay) Wednesday August 25th starting at 5pm

What: 3 Skateboard Contests to win a chance to purchase a pair of Nike SB Parra Abstract Dunks.  

How: The obstacles the skate contests will be held on will be announced on the day of the event.

Who can enter?

• Any skateboarder who shows up in time to enter the contests is eligible to skate at their own risk.  Once a contest has begun, entry will close for that contest.  

No exceptions.

How will winners select their Dunks?

We will have 9 pairs of Parra Dunks for the winning skaters to purchase for Box Price ($110):

8, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5 & 12 will be available to winners on a FCFS* basis.

After the first contest, the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners, in that order, will get to select which size they want to purchase.  Those sizes will be reserved for them & will not be available to anyone else.

The winners of the second contest will be able to select from the remaining sizes and the same will go for the winners of the 3rd contest.  *To be clear, we do not guarantee a winner will get to purchase their size but they will absolutely have the option to purchase a size of the Parra Dunks. 

Can a skater win multiple pairs?

NO.  The maximum any one person can purchase is ONE PAIR OF DUNKS.  Once a skater wins, even if that pair is not their preferred size, they can not win the chance to purchase any more pairs of Dunks.

Dunks do not have to be purchased on site.  We will work with each winner individually to help them secure their pair.


Good luck to everyone who chooses to come out.  

Photos: Quintin Fernandez