Help Yourself. Help Us All.

We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone but if are looking to spend some money locally, we hope you will consider this option.

By purchasing this item you are supporting people and local businesses who have taken a huge hit by the necessary COVID-19 shutdowns in Pennsylvania.


Here's how you dollars will support OUR community. . .


Chris Regec, the owner of The LVAC  printed these products for us himself to abide by social distancing regulations.  Your dollars will be supporting his business.


The majority of the profit from this sale will be used to purchase food from our neighbor, Lit 610.  Lit is operated by baker, Melanie of Made By Lino and Matt & Dan of Monocacy Coffee Co


Lit610 supports a variety farmers, butchers & cheese makers by only buying local produce & other good eats.  Your dollars will be supporting all of their businesses.


The food purchased from Lit 610 will be donate to our staff who we had to lay off this month since our brick & mortar shops are closed to the public.  Unlike some, we rely on instores sales being a local small business.

Sure . . . the profits from these sales could help the shop but our staff is our family & taking care of family comes first.  Thank you for supporting our family.