The 2nd Base Vintage Fill-A-Bag Sale Returns

On Friday September 10th, 2nd Base Vintage will be clearing out almost all its Spring/Summer vintage to make room for an entire new store’s worth of vintage Fall/Winter vintage we have been curating for the new season.

Help us make some room by taking as much as you can fit into a bag for only $20 . . . 

F-A-B General Info:

  • 2nd Base Vintage, 432 Northampton St.
  • Friday, September 10th.
  • Doors open at 12pm
  • Sale ends when the inventory is gone
  • $20 CASH ONLY for a 18 x 15 x 4” bag
  • 2BV provides the bag customers will use


How Does the F-A-B Work?

  • Customers will be allowed in in groups of 10
  • Each group will have 5 minutes to fill their bags
  • Whatever can fit INSIDE the bag & still allow you to hold the bag from the handle is yours to keep
  • If there is no line, there is no time limit
  • Customers can only purchase 1 bag at a time but can get back in line as many times as they like.


Will this be your 1st F-A-B? Here’s some advice:

  • Being first in line does not necessarily guarantee you will find “the best” vintage clothing
  • We regularly restock the F-A-B clothing piles throughout the sale so you can find good pieces at almost any time- even towards the end
  • Taking the time to fold or roll clothing can help you fit more into your bag
  • The line moves quickly.  Every 30 minutes we get 60 people in & out of the door.
  • On average, it usually takes 2 hours to sell out of the 1000+ piece pile of clothing we put out for the F-A-B Sale 

Last things . . . 

Clothing in the piles is not processed as carefully as the clothing we sell in the store so we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you wash them immediately

After the F-A-B Sale Weekend, we will be closing 2nd Base for a few days to restock it with all new vintage inventory for the Fall/Winter Season.

 On September 17th, we will have a Re-Opening Party to welcome everyone back into the shop, have free drinks, music & liver performances.

Stay posted for more details by following us on Instagram: @2ndbasevintage